WSVN Channel 7 Set Design - Miami Beach

Every year at the Miami Beach Home and Design show, six of the best local interior designers are selected to design a room for a local TV news anchor. We got lucky that year and were chosen to design the room for the wildly vivacious then Deco Drive Host Jessica Aguirre. We had to interview her and ask her what she loved and what her inspiration was. She told us of her recent honeymoon in Italy and of the old castle-like homes she saw there.

We decided to make her a fantasy fairytale style room. Sort of a cross between a Damsel in distress and Rapunzel (let down that long hair). The room is complete with a black pony tail hanging from a guilliette style balcony and a Bang & Olefson wall mounted audio system blasting Madame Butterfly through the castle walls. Very melodramatic, needless to say she was so thrilled with the room that she rented a princess costume and paraded around the room during a prerecorded airing for the show that ran on both Friday and Saturday nights at 7pm & 11pm.