The Chaise Lounge Episode 1

October 2nd, 2014


"My first interview for my new podcast.  We will be talking the business of interior design.  One thing I have learned from working with lots of interior designers over the last 15 years, is that many of you struggle with the business aspect of running a design firm.  Most are fantastic with picking fabrics, accessories, furniture, and layouts, but when it comes to finding new clients, managing vendors, but when it comes to all the back-end items of running their business…there is a breakdown.  I want to help, and that is why I have started The Chaise Lounge Podcast!  For YOU to grow your interior design business.  So each week, I will be talking to designers, like Barrie, from around the world, that are running fantastic interior design businesses."

- Nick May, host of The Chaise Lounge Podcast