Murano Grande

Tricked out Miami pads should always be treated to exotic walls, sexy slick finished and hot splashes of colour. No worries here: note the marine blue walls are made of gauged MDP panels set on the wall with 2” brushed stainless steel reveals. The texture is evocable of tree bark, waves, water cascading down the wall and primitive carvings. Using Dialogica furniture seemed the natural way to go. Sexy and chic, this furniture is designed by Monique & Sergio Savarese, who studied African sculpture in Kenya and now combine this style in the “my darling” 4 poster bed that features hand chiseled primitive etchings on ebony stained maple. (This also happens to be Barrie’s Bed). Wall-hung flat screen T.V. and floating stainless steel Audio/visual cabinets provide adequate storage for components and the essential X-box. Maya Romanoff is truly the last word in wall coverings and you can see why. Silver cork-like wallpaper. Did you ever? Doors by New York's own door meister Luke Seigle of Raydoor, a great resource for doors. Fab stainless portholes on the utility room door make it seem like the kitchen has a dining chamber out to the deep blue, but you're really on the 19th floor.