Faking It

Show synopsis: Ever wonder what it would be like to have another profession? Well, you're certainly not alone. Our Faking It participants, for one reason or another, have decided to turn their worlds upside down. With much guidance from professional mentors, our fakers attempt to prove that they're the real deal. Can they fool the real pros? Or will they be called out as imposters? Watch the show to see if they can fake it and make it or flake out and fail.

Episode 1-1 Toolbelt to Toile--03/07/2003
David Doughtery is a 36-year-old union carpenter who works the commercial construction sites in Boston. His life revolves around the two bars and six TVs that populate his home. David, who has never been farther west than Washington D.C., is about to be turned into a Beverly Hills interior designer. Training him will be the high-end design team of Janet Bussell and Barrie Livingstone, who work on 10,000+-square-foot homes, $2 million budgets and whose past clients include Versace and Cher. After just four weeks with Janet and Barrie, David will have to take part in an exhibition with professional designers and put together a top-notch living room under the scrutiny of three expert judges. Can David fool them and fake it as a Beverly Hills designer?