Roadside in Malibu Canyon

I stopped roadside in Malibu Canyon. I felt their energy source. I deeply inhaled the sweet nectar, honey perfume it's electrical flowers emitted. I'm obsessed with them. i love them, they are life itself. This hillside lays dormant for 11 months and after the spring rains bursts into a magical carpet that only nature can produce. 

I'm very bothered by the ignorant Isis thinkers in our wonderful country who feel they have the right to discriminate against anyone based on any reason they fancy. The Supreme Court and president should not dare allow it, its very dangerous and not healthy to be allowed. They need to be sent to Syria and fed to Isis, who will lovingly kill and torture them for the same exact reason they believe they are entitled to hate anyone else. Please stand up for everyone's right for equality. If you don't your letting Isis and the enemy win. Bless everyone for a Happy Passover and Easter. Let's end this insanity and concentrate of nature and peace and not ignorance and gate #noh8. oh and please spend time in nature this weekend.