Picasso at the Tate Modern

Pablo Picasso a prolific artist and one of the 20th century’s most noted artists. The current Tate Modern’s retrospective deals with just one year of his work, 1932.

As you enter the first space we are in January, 1932 and each piece has a date. Some are painted a day after the one before and many only two or three days apart. 

As Picasso moved around France and Europe at expositions and for visits it can be noted that the seasons and locations affected his art. The mediums are mainly oil but include ink, pencil and sculpture in a stunning array of explosive imagination that can only be described as celebratory to the human senses. 

As I moved through the rooms, I found myself not wanting to leave. Asking myself how can I ever be half as prolific. 

The exaggerated noses. The female breasts, one square and one round. The obsession of a woman sitting in an armchair. Each detail deliciously embraced in colour, form, charisma and whimsy.

I urge you to click the link and see for yourself. 


barrie livingstone